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Festival Applications

Each year the Sustainable Living Festival presents over 300 events celebrating sustainability. A packed program of talks, workshops, film, art and design events to blow your mind. You too can join in the Festival fever by hosting an event in next year’s program. Take sustainability to the next level. We are seeking events occurring from 1st – 28th February 2018.


Festival Event Applications
Festival Big Weekend Exhibitor Applications


Over time, SLF has developed criteria to assess the appropriateness of program content. SLF uses four core elements when selecting Festival presenters, exhibitors and partners:

Process – facilitating a community driven event, engaging community members in an open programming process
Standards – using negative screening and positive search guidelines to set standards
Consultation – gaining advice from community groups, peak bodies and specialists
Feedback – seeking feedback from Festival visitors, exhibitors and presenters

The criteria aim to be inclusive of a diverse range of progressive approaches, while recognising the appropriate scale and speed of change required to achieve sustainability. Not surprisingly, when we are tackling the goal of global sustainability, great complexity and conflict are often involved. The Festival recognises the need for robust dialogue and cooperation in our communities as collaboration is one of the strongest ways to achieve rapid cultural change. The Festival is an exciting and challenging opportunity to exercise our ability to creatively remake our society.


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