Hear from the builders and residents from The Cape sustainable community, currently being built at Cape Paterson in South Gippsland. This modern, well designed community currently will feature over 200 homes overlooking beautiful Bass Strait, and is achieving nation leading energy efficiency standards. Homes at the Cape are currently averaging over 8 star energy efficiency, solar energy, water efficiency, and have eliminated expensive gas through heat pump heating, cooling and hot water systems. Homes are generating a surplus of clean energy, have energy efficient fit out, are comfortable year-round with minimal heating and cooling, with running costs a fraction of the costs of the average Australian home. The Cape features Victoria’s first 10 star home and a number of homes that are set to completely eliminate energy bills through the use of advanced construction, sustainable fitout, solar energy and battery storage. The Cape features electric vehicle enabled design, community food production, stormwater harvesting, habitat restoration, active lifestyle and much more.

Come and listen to the approaches, learnings and lessons on the journey to delivering a modern, connected, climate adapted sustainable community. In this era of rising energy costs and climate change challenges, the Cape shows that sustainable, comfortable, carbon neutral, resilient, connected low cost living is possible for all Australians and we want the rest of the housing sector to reach for the same standards.

Michelle Isles is a resident of The Cape sustainable housing project at Cape Paterson, and has worked over many years to achieve sustainable outcomes across the areas of water, biodiversity and clean energy across the Asia-Pacific.

Brendan Condon is director of a number of companies working in the sustainability field including The Cape, Biofilta and Australian Ecosystems, and works to deliver sustainable housing, stormwater harvesting, urban farming and habitat restoration projects.


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Sun 11 / Feb 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm


In the Garden
Birrarung Marr, Melbourne, VIC 3000 Australia

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