Melbourne is heating up.

So, City of Melbourne is creating a temporary cool space during the month of February outside Art Play on Birrarung Marr. Come along to our pop-up urban forest to cool down and power your phone with sustainable solar energy.

Urban areas are usually warmer than their rural surroundings, creating what is known as the ‘urban heat island effect’. As cities continue to grow more vegetation is lost and more surfaces are paved or covered with buildings, which absorb and radiate heat.

We have a goal to cool our city by 4 degrees to do our bit towards meeting the global Paris Agreement and limit global warming by 2 degrees.

One way we are doing this is more greening!

Trees and vegetation can cool our cities by providing shade, storing carbon, reflecting sunlight and by releasing moisture into the air through their leaves in a process called transpiration. We want to see more greening in Melbourne by planting more plants and trees to grow our Urban Forest.

We also need to play our part in reducing greenhouse gas emissions in our atmosphere leading to global temperature rise. We can do this by choosing renewable energy, reducing our waste and leaving our cars at home when we can.

Help us reach our target of Melbourne having zero net emissions.

Come along to our pop-up Urban Forest during the month of February to learn how to cool down and power up your phone from the sun.

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Thu 1 / Feb - Wed 28 / Feb


Birrarung Marr
Batman Avenue, Melbourne, Victoria 3000


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