This installation is a visual metaphor for the Clothing and Textile industry’s waste problem. It demonstrates the importance of re-thinking how company’s and individuals discard their waste and encourages viewers to seek out and find ways to re-appropriate their waste into something beautiful and useful.

It highlights the detrimental damage the clothing industry has on the environment. Allowing viewers to visually see the piles of unused textile waste which is discarded into landfill. Thus creating an urgency to find a better solution to this problem. We demonstrate our resolution through examples of creating beauty from waste.

Meet the artists…

Nadia Foti:

Nadia Foti is passionate about ethically made and sustainable sourced materials. All of the pieces are made in Melbourne with quality craftsmanship designed to last. Our manufacturers are ethically accredited by Ethical Clothing Australia, because we believe in strengthening the local industry and treating workers fairly. Our fabrics are sourced from previous designer collections, giving new life to fabrics that would have otherwise ended up in landfill.

Julia English:

Julia English is a 4th Year RMIT University Fashion and Design student who is passionate about sustainability and environmentally minded design. Julia has been completing her internship with Nadia Foti over the last 3 months.



Thu 8 / Feb - Wed 28 / Feb


Dimase Architects
342 St Georges Road, North Fitzroy, Victoria 3068 Australia



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