You want to live the environmental dream and pay no bills in your off-grid tiny house, but just where do you begin and how do you make a tiny house be off-grid?

Get informed, clear honest advice about how to incorporate an off-grid capacity into your tiny house design from someone who knows off-grid, in a tiny house, in Australia and how to do it without using fossil fuels. It can be done! Learn from a Tiny House expert, who has built an off-grid tiny house that works.

In this 3 hour workshop you will:
Learn how battery storage & solar panels work in a tiny house.
Understand how a modern composting toilet works.
Tips & tricks for insulating for summer.  Learn Fred’s proven method to keep your loft bed ceiling cool in summer; including how to create a radiant barrier in your tiny house.
Understand how to design a hot water system for a tiny house which is environmentally friendly and uses only renewable resources and no fossil fuels.

Fred Schultz:
Fred Schultz has designed, built and lived in an off-the-grid tiny house with his wife Shannon and their daughter. Inspired to share it all, Fred founded Fred’s Tiny Houses with the mission: “To build and assist others in the building of Tiny Houses that by their roadworthiness, size, and design for the Australian climate will naturally inspire and liberate people out of conventional mortgage servitude and into an expansion of free time, the arts, and a deepening connection to the earth.”



Sat 24 / Feb 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm


City of Brunswick Scout Hall
213A Weston Street, Brunswick, Victoria 3056 Australia



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