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Vegan Society of Australia

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The Vegan Society of Australia exists to support and encourage vegans in Australia. A Vegan is one who strives to live through the Active Ethics of consumption of products from vegetable and mineral sources only. This means an absence of any products that are derived from animals or animal by-products. There is one exception to this rule, and that is when a human actively donates a product to another human, as in breast-feeding. Vegans exclude from their lifestyle: meat, fish, chicken, fowl, eggs, milk, cheese, ice cream, yoghurt, gelatine, honey, whey, wool, silk, leather or other animal derivatives. Think of any aspect of life that uses animals and the Vegan is seeking a way to avoid that exploitation. Some do so for health reasons, others due to concerns over the environment, while still others ponder how our inhumanity to animals affects us spiritually and emotionally. There are Vegans for social justice reasons and also to equalize global resource allocation.

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03 9776 4425


P.O. Box 85 Seaford
VIC, 3198
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Sustainability Features


Reuse, recycle or compost  | NoReuse or recycle | NeverOff-site recycling | NeverRecycled content | NeverGrey-water | Never
Natural, clean energy | NoAbsorb winter sun  / deflect peak summer heat | NeverGreenPower | NeverSolar or wind power | NeverSun-grown materials   | Never
Foster community | NoEthical fund | NeverStaff meets socially | NeverStaff learning and development   | NeverDonate time or money | Never
Protect the environment | NoMinimise the use of harmful chemicals | NeverOccupational Health & Safety | NeverNon-hazardous chemicals | NeverRecycled paper | Never
Efficient with materials and energy | NoReduce paper consumption | NeverReduce mains water consumption | NeverEfficient and sustainable transportation | NeverMinimise energy consumption  | Never
Research and development | NoNature-based systems | NeverMonitor resource usage | NeverCollect feedback | NeverLocal products & services | Never