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Own Practice

The Sustainable Living Festival is a leader in ‘walking the talk’ and proactively aims to develop the most progressive event management practice to address the environmental and social impacts of events.

SLF has developed a sustainable event framework that aims to monitor and reduce an event’s social and ecological footprint.  The framework assists organisations to achieve sustainability outcomes by highlighting accomplishments and identifying areas that require improvement on the path towards sustainability.  Festival Exhibitors use this guide as a framework for their own practices.

The Festival’s ‘Own Practice’ policy covers areas of energy, water, waste, transport and procurement and some of Festival’s own achievements include the following:

> ENERGY – GreenPower is used across the whole site; solar power instalments for audio-visual systems at key venues; water heating at the Wash Against Waste trailer.

> WATER – reduction measures such as the provision of composting toilet facilities; drinking water stations located throughout the site; grey water filtration system in the Wash Against Waste trailer.

> WASTE – implementation of a Waste Wise Plan and Waste Stations; drinking water stations reduce the need to purchase bottled water and reduce plastic waste.

> TRANSPORT – visitors are encouraged to walk, bike or catch public transport; free Festival bike parking is made available at the Bike Valet Service opposite Flinders Street Station; the Festival is centrally located to ensure easy access by train and tram.

> PROCUREMENT – Event t-shirts are made from 100% organic cotton and manufactured in sweatshop free conditions; all food and beverage vendors are screened to ensure their offerings are as sustainable as possible; catering is completely vegetarian with a focus on organic and local produce.

> WASH AGAINST WASTE – The Festival comprises a Wash Against Waste (WAW) Station.  WAW is an environmentally friendly alternative to disposable crockery and cutlery that is hygienic, reduces waste, and saves money.  The WAW team comprises over 25 enthusiastic volunteers who collect used plates from the site, wash and dry plates and cutlery, and return them to Festival Food Vendors for reuse. This service eliminates the need for disposable food and beverage containers.